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To be speaking in a manner which would ordinarily earn the speaker a bitch slap, a smack across the mouth, or upside the head.
"Why yo' lyin' ass talkin' smack bitch? I'll smack you upside yo head!"
by jammer2 February 9, 2005
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Overly tight shorts, or pants, which conform to every fold, nook, and cranny - front and back - of the person wearing them. See camel toe They are generally the sad result of hot pants, daisy dukes, and spandex being worn by the wrong damn woman. see Blubber butt.
If you see a young lady wearing size 5 shorts, on a size 8 ass, and every lip of her genitalia is very defined and ready for inspection while she's still wearing them...
by jammer2 February 10, 2005
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colloquialism for fat-ass. Blubber being the fatty tissue found in whales and other mammals found in arctic waters, often associated with the fat deposits located in an obese persons buttocks.
"My God, that woman has a blubber butt from hell. It's so big, Shamu just got a hard-on looking at it!"
by jammer2 February 9, 2005
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