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The Ramones were a hugely influential punk rock band, formed in Forest Hills, Queens, New York in January 1974. They played their first concert at the Performance Studio in New York on March 30, 1974. They led the New York punk movement and are often credited with forming the musical foundation of punk (see protopunk). The original band members all adopted Ramone as a surname although they were not actually brothers:

Joey Ramone (May 19, 1951 - April 15, 2001) (real name Jeffrey Hyman) (vocals)
Johnny Ramone (October 8, 1948 - September 15, 2004) (real name John Cummings) (guitar)
Dee Dee Ramone (September 18, 1952 - June 5, 2002) (real name Douglas Glenn Colvin) (bass guitar) (1974-1989)
Tommy Ramone (January 29, 1952) (real name Thomas Erdelyi) (drums) (1974-1978)
Later band members also adopted the name:

Marky Ramone (July 15, 1956) (real name Marc Bell) (Later replaced Tommy and Elvis on drums) (1978-1983, 1987-1996)
Richie Ramone (August 11, 1957) (real name Richard Reinhardt) (Later replaced Marky on drums) (1983-1987)
Elvis Ramone (November 24, 1955) (real name Clem Burke) (Later replaced Richie on drums) (1987)
C.J. Ramone (October 8, 1965) (real name Christopher John Ward) (Later replaced Dee-Dee on bass) (1989-1996)
An earlier member, Ritchie, left the band before the first recording (not related to the Richie Ramone, above). "Here lies Ritchie Ramone" can be seen on a cartoon drawing of a gravestone on the innersleeve of the 'Rocket to Russia' album

Colvin (Dee Dee Ramone) suggested the name, inspired by the fact that Paul McCartney used to call himself Paul Ramone (although some accounts say Paul Ramon) when he was in the Silver Beatles.

The Ramones pioneered a straightforward, stripped-down sound that was a far cry from the virtuosic musicianship and complex instrumentation that 1970s rock music had become known for. It heralded a raw, loud, fast and direct sound often reminiscent of 1950s-early 1960s rock and roll or bubblegum pop. Joey Ramone has stated the Ramones were rather taken with the Bay City Rollers' hit song "Saturday Night," and set out to imitate its catchy, sing-a-long quality.
woah the ramones kick soooo much ass!
by daniel from garland October 10, 2005
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A punk rock band that hailed in the 1970's and early 80's. The band members were the following:

-Joey Ramones (R.I.P. 2001)
-Johnny Ramone (R.I.P. 2004)
-Dee Dee Ramones (R.I.P. stupid bastard)
-Tommy Ramone

following members were:

-Marky Ramone
-CJ Ramone
-Elvis Ramone (wtf)
-Richie Ramone

The first Ramones album (self-titled) is one of the most famous punk albums ever made. This album contained their biggest hit, Blitzkrieg Bop, and changed the punk sound forever.

Though the Ramones were a very wonderful band, they tried to reach commercialism in the middle of their career, starting around the albums "End of the Century" and "Subterranean Jungle". They were not very successful and many fans were lost. The Ramones, however, were always great in their own way, even if all of them were borderline psychotic and drank too much.

The Ramones split in 1996 and went and did their own thing. Joey Ramone made a new album entitled "Don't Worry About Me" which contains his own version of "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong.

Joey died of lymphatic cancer in 2001, Dee Dee died of a heroin overdose like an idiot in 2002, and Johnny died in 2004 of prostate cancer.

Though the main three members are gone, their music will always live on and influence following generations.
I don't know about you guys, but the Ramones beat Blink 182's ass big-time. I DON'T WANNA GO DOWN TO THE BASEMENT!!! <:O
by Punkerkeeg57 November 04, 2008
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Probably the best punk rock band EVER. The Ramones is considered the first punk rock band in the 70s.

The band first started on Queens, New York in the 1974. It consist of 4 band member named Joey Ramone (Vocalist), Johnny Ramone (Guitarist), DeeDee Ramone (Bassist) and Tommy Ramone (Drummer). All of the group's members adopted the last name "Ramone". Just a few years later, Joey Ramone passed away on April 15, 2001, at age 49, the victim of lymphoma. Little more than a year later, Dee Dee Ramone was found dead in his home in Los Angeles on June 5, 2002. RIP
Long live "The Ramones".
by Teets August 13, 2004
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the single band responsible for keeping rock and roll alive throughout the 70's and 80's. they are often thought of as a punk rock band, but not on the same "punk" standards we use in modern times. their songs involve (usually) upbeat tempos and catchy tunes. in short, The Ramones may have been the single best "punk"/rock band ever.
D-U-M-B, Everyone's accusing me!

Winter turns to summer
Sadness turns to fun
Keep your faith, baby
You broke the rules and won
by One_Man_Down January 19, 2004
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The first and best punk group ever. Formed in 1974, original members were Joey (vocals), Johnny (guitar), Dee Dee (bass; left in 1989 but was there for the best years), and Tommy (drums; left in 1979 and replaced by Marky, who was replaced by Richie but Marky returned soon after). They invented the genre we now know as punk. Their first album, Ramones, was a groundbreaking record. The band remained awesome for decades longer. Some of their best songs are Blitzkrieg Bop (Hey! Ho! Lets go!), I wanna be Sedated, Teenage Lobotomy, Pinhead, Judy is a Punk, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, We're a happy family, Glad to see you go, Rockaway Beach, and Commando. Personally, I believe their worst song was The Crusher because of the inadequate vocals that really don't sound like Joey. The band remained together until 1996. Joey died of lymphoma in '01, Dee Dee died of a drug overdose in June of '02, and Johnny died of prostate cancer in '04. They were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in April 2002. I get called obsessed and am criticized for liking the Ramones at my school, but only a fiendish mango could not help but like this awesome band. And although the main members are dead, the legacy of The Ramones will probably last for centuries to come.
Retarded Fool: I hate the Ramones!
Me and all the other cool people who are there: Gabba Gabba Hey!(throws potatoes at Retarded Fool)
by K_rachel_O March 09, 2008
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My favorite band of all time. People criticize them and say they aren't punk, but isn't punk about not adhering to an image anyway? The Ramones had songs that were fun to sing along to and were probably the first and last perfect US punk band. No one will ever be like them.
by Carrot May 07, 2004
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