Term used to signifiy "otherness"; usu. during the early parts of a relationship or in a serious but non-monogamous pairing.
"I'd like you to meet Sara, my consort."
by Megan Redhead November 11, 2002
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Word used in Cuban slang meaning Friend,Pal,Dude,Buddy,Brother.
Que bola mi Consorte !
by Cesar O Perez April 28, 2006
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The ultimate veggie cake maker in ark survival evolved for alliance 99 problems and Hyperion
Queens Consort always pulls through even at 3am for our raids, she is a Cake Goddess
by Ark Troll December 19, 2018
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Noun, a woman a gay man kisses when drunk. The partner of a queen but not a king. Thus a consort
She fancies herself as a fag hag, but she doesn't have the natural flair. She's more of a queer's consort
by Princess Buddah November 19, 2013
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What a mate does to relieve her empty, mundane, lonely life, while hubby is in the trance of making the next million.
Her consort consolation for today is a new Hermes scarf from Neiman's.
Various consort consolations could be, volunteer work,exercise & facials, crafts, overeating at home, lunch w/ "girlfriends",or even watching "Oprah" or "Dr Phil", while eating expensive ice cream out of the container.
by Catholic Devil May 04, 2009
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