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What a mate does to relieve her empty, mundane, lonely life, while hubby is in the trance of making the next million.
Her consort consolation for today is a new Hermes scarf from Neiman's.
Various consort consolations could be, volunteer work,exercise & facials, crafts, overeating at home, lunch w/ "girlfriends",or even watching "Oprah" or "Dr Phil", while eating expensive ice cream out of the container.
by Catholic Devil May 4, 2009
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A new word definition composed from lingering brain dust so horrid, or distasteful, it can only be aired on urban dictionary.
My noodlefart for today was "poolocky".

Folks with little else to do, think up noodlefarts to stave off the simplicity of their lives.
Noodlefarts can be useful, funny, or disasterous, and on occasion all three.

Figuratively speaking, a noodlefart can be fodder for an inactive brain.

Many otherwise moral folks will gleefully author a crude or disgusting noodlefart under the urban dictionary's cloak of disguise.

Sometimes, Bill O'Reilly uses a noodlefart as an attention getting device.
by Catholic Devil May 3, 2009
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"Poolocky" is a Soup or Stew made up of various leftovers or other bits of ingredients of dubious origin, which can be served either alone or on toasted bread. For a quick or easy, thrifty meal, "Poolocky" can come out really good ,sometimes ,not so.
Dad; "Whats for dinner, hon?"
Mom: "Poolocky"
Small Youngster: " Ugh"
Mom: "Try it !"
Dad:" Umm,Umm, this Poolocky is delicious!"
Older Youngster: "Hey, this is tasty, can I have seconds mom?"
Small Youngster, in tearful tone, "Wait, I want some Poolocky too."
by Catholic Devil April 26, 2009
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A "Beaurocratics Anonymous Mentality" plagues usually dedicated, but susceptible former government employees, sometimes ruining marriages, and yes, even lives!
These folks who, after dismissal of any sort by a government or government contract industry, struggle daily, either alone or with others, to resurrect their former mental status to normal.
As the stalifying beaurocracy that it is, government brainwashes its employees to spend the most time and the most money on any project assigned to them with overwhelming preliminary hogwash such as diagrams, blue prints, and specifications in order to complete the most simple, or preliminary tasks. They can also incur much overhead in "down time" due to repetition after poor success in one area or another.
Any simple government regulated chore can be deterred by pages of grandiloquent specifications and regulations, or of just plain old BS.
When dedicated employees return to the real world, they have great difficulties adjusting in order to complete ordinary tasks easily, inexpensively and finally, successfully.
They frequently convene in small groups of two or more at Malls, churches and other social settings to converse and exchange methods of removing this mindset in hopes of pursuing an ordinary life, uninhibited by these beaurocratic brainwashing constraints.
A"Beaurocratics Anonymous Mentality"verbal exchange with an old co-worker made me late for lunch.

There I stood, in the hot sun, drawing a diagram for a blueprint to dig ONE post hole. This is MY OWN MONEY I'm blowing here!
Jeeze, I'm going bonkers, AND bankrupt if I can't relieve myself of this "Beaurocratics Anonymous Mentality".

Oh, and thanks, I feel MUCH better now!
by Catholic Devil April 25, 2009
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A "Mespecial" is usually an egotistical maniac and can be either male or female. Highly opinionated,"Mespecial" people are so sold on themselves they attempt to dominate where ever they are. Usually loud for effect, "Mespecials" are so aggressive, others get little opportunity to speak in a conversation. Can almost magically drive the subject back to how important or learned they are, or where they have been, or who they "know". With no knowledge of their obvious malady, a "Mespecial" likes to think he is more learned, well travelled, wealthier or more successful than those he encounters.
A female of this group usually prefers to be called "Mimi" by her grandchildren, but never wants to look anything like a typical grandmother!
Could also be someone with a new position in work, politics or social circles,where he/she is usually easily identifiable.
Nancy Pelosi with her trademark bright lips and important pearls, or Jesse Jackson with his opinionated rants, as well as others who appear to enjoy watching themselves in the news are of the political Mespecial ilk.
A Mespecial has the ability to elbow up in front of any camera within 150 yards of them.
Women who choose to wear bright (usually red) jackets on the Congressional floor are signalling they are a Mespecial.
Other Mespecial examples in the political arena could be Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, or our new vice-president.
Can also be the "prodigal son" in a family business.
"Oh Lord, take cover, here comes the "Mespecial" of the family."
by Catholic Devil April 22, 2009
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That inner, light and free feeling of enthusiasm & eagerness when you know you are going to be there soon to renew old memories, ie. "Tony's Spaghetti House", Acme Oyster House, walking along the Waterfront, smells, ie. perfume, "Blue Blossom" and umm, begnets, oyster shells on the curb (phew); noises, the bells at St. Louis Cathedral, and the clip clop of horse's hooves pulling buggies ,sirens, or "I bet I can tell you where you got yo shoes!", sights (you name it) .
I got the New Orleans tickle, cause I'm heading down there tomorrow for French fun, fantasy, frolic, n'food!
by Catholic Devil July 14, 2012
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A female significant other not to be messed with in a dispute; its' her way or no way. She's the boss and ya better remember that, or its' a sure ride in the meat wagon .
Witness of the scene,
"Boy, when she saw him with that other chick, she turned into a tigerbengal gal. Just get outa her way, man!"

Friend, "Whatcha mean, Bub?"

Witness. "Well, all I can say is if your old lady is one of them kind,tigerbengal gal ,first thing, don't ever rile her; or if ya do, jus stay on the porch!"
by Catholic Devil December 17, 2009
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