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4 definitions by Chauvinisticbastard

A royal consort is a woman who is used for sexual gratification among a royal family a person who is matted with frequently for the mans pleasure the woman’s enjoyment and in fact her wants and needs are completely irrelevant it is only the man who is using her body to achieve orgasm that matters
King Louis really liked the appearance of Sara so commanded her family to give her to him to be used as his royal consort whenever he was horny
by Chauvinisticbastard December 3, 2021
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A tool for sexual pleasure created by god from mans rib bone
Adam was sad and lonely so he took one of adams rib bones and created a girl named eve as a tool for his sexual pleasure
by Chauvinisticbastard December 14, 2021
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Being a mood” means to be upset,angry,furious
Violet from the Incredibles was being a mood when she found out mr.incredible had her erased from Tony’s mind
by Chauvinisticbastard September 11, 2022
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Toy for men that makes food cleans the house and gets used for sexual gratification
My woman mopped my floors dusted the furniture than pitched lasagna noodles ricotta cheese ground beef and pasta sauce and made me a delicious meal and then got down on her knees and sucked my penis until I ejaculated into her mouth while I ate it
by Chauvinisticbastard August 17, 2021
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