Solidify or coagulate, esp. by cooling: "the blood had congealed into blobs".

Take shape or coalesce, esp. to form a satisfying whole: "the ballet failed to congeal as a single oeuvre".
"There are many countervailing forces in America. They congeal into two political parties."
by The Taxi Dog December 31, 2011
congeal: verb (fr. gelé) To signify a state of mental numbness provoked by the absorption of licit and illicit mind altering substances.
by Marcus Macdonald May 22, 2008
Thickening; solidifying
In art class, we made a substance that congealed.
by Hobbits.Of.Camelot February 7, 2016
When human sperm sits in a male or females' mouth for a long period time it begins to solidify, curdle, and or congeal; creating congealed cream.
Example (Female): I waited too long to swallow, and it become congealed tasted like cottage cheese.
by Satan's_Sweaty_Grundle April 10, 2016
The congealed fat at the top of cold soup forming little discs.
If I'm gonna eat that chicken soup cold, I've gotta skim off the congeal-ee-os.
by youdbesoluckytoknowme November 3, 2006