Work as in a work of art. (In french. Is not the plural of egg (oeuf).
J'aime mon neuveau oeuvre d'arte. C'est fantastique et magnifique.
(Translation: I love my new work of art. It's fantastic and magnificent.)
by Le belle demoiselle December 18, 2006
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A word used by literature professors to express superiority.
"Faulkner's oeuvre is characterized by interminable posturing."

Or, less self-referentially: "I had oeuvre and sausage on toast for breakfast."
by Alan April 15, 2005
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oeuvre is the official blog of Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology showcasing the up and coming creative talent in the institution. The Website is a showcase to the immense potential of engineering students around the world.
have you read oeuvre fcrit? It's cool
by TheAbbie June 9, 2020
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Awesome band, Genre is Alternative/Rock/Flamenco. Forever Oeuvre means the Endless tale of and Artists work.
Scene kid: omg i looove hollywood undead and like forever oeuvre! im not a whore!
Me: Stfu! *scene-bitch slap*
by Allehcat January 29, 2009
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