2 definitions by Satan's_Sweaty_Grundle

Finely aged and fermented sperm: typically found in refrigerators, closets, or more commonly, back allyes in Brooklyn.
Example: Girrllll I just had the best salty cottage cheese last night! I felt like I was wined and dined.
Example: What is this in the fridge? Oh that is just some salty cottage cheese. Nice!
by Satan's_Sweaty_Grundle April 10, 2016
When human sperm sits in a male or females' mouth for a long period time it begins to solidify, curdle, and or congeal; creating congealed cream.
Example (Female): I waited too long to swallow, and it become congealed cream...it tasted like cottage cheese.
by Satan's_Sweaty_Grundle April 10, 2016