Derogatory term for a white supremacist. Originates from the cone-shaped masks the Klu Klux Klan wear.
Man, I saw this old hick pickin' on a black boy. He must be a conehead.
by sam tee April 25, 2004
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a Bishop (or Archbishop) in the Catholic Church, referring to the characteristic headgear they wear (aka the miter), and possibly also to definition #1 as an important characteristic for conehead. Honestly, the first time I heard this definition of conehead was from a Catholic Priest.
The coneheads are gathering in Rome to see who gets elected Pope.
by Wyeth Again February 24, 2013
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Something you call someone when they are absolutely oblivious to what’s happening. Usually used when someone claims to fry your router.
Dude A- You know what you said is messed up, I’m gonna fry ur router

Dude B- Shut up, u Conehead
by Cole Jarvis April 20, 2020
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A very funny movie about pointy-headed aliens, based on a skit from the old Saturday Night Live. See Remulac; mass quantities.
Not only did you fail to appear at the appointed time, you interefered with all of the events which were to come.
-- Coneheads
by Octopod November 6, 2003
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The unexpected side effect of extremely vigorous intercourse when the cranium hits the door when having sex in the car.
Hey Tim! Did you give that bitch a conehead last night when you tagged her in the car? **high five**
by Conehead 1 October 31, 2017
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Coneheading is a sexual act that involves a male (or female) strapping a strap-on dildo around their head and using it to penetrate their male (or female) partner.
"man, I was so drunk I couldn't get it up last night, but she had a strap on so we were coneheading for hours!"
by matrix_sage October 7, 2015
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