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A conduit is the connection between anything. i.e. electrical wire, a messenger or even the mail man. Anything that connects you to someone or something else.
"Yo man, I gotta get this cash back to my drug dealer. Which one of my bitches should be the conduit and run it back for me?"
Electronics teacher:'Now students the red wire in this circuit will be the conduit to the light bulb.'
by Matt[O] September 10, 2005
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Someone with special biological powers that allow them to manipulate something in some way within the INfamous series.
Ex: Cole Macgrath = Electricity, Abigail "Fetch" Walker = Neon, Delsin Rowe = Sucking other powers.
Delsin first realized he was a conduit when he unintentionally absorbs a bio terrorists powers
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by EmoWhoIronicallyWatchesAnime November 28, 2018
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protected passageway for movement of 'electrons'

pathway for (your choice!)
johns' unit is a conduit for 'hot sauce'

that mike fuhlsley is clever!; AND a conduit for information!

i put my conduit is her/his orifice!
by michael foolsley December 29, 2009
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aka wanda aka wanduit

IRC lamer
149:33pm11«14 Conduit 11» Nerd1: I PWNT YOU NUBE
by ProtusMose June 06, 2004
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When you set your bar too low and the girl your trying to sleep with isn't doing it for you. When you can't get hard...
Her "What the hell man, dont you want me?"

You" I Conduit, sorry I thought I could but I've got a friend that's into fat chicks."
by Mr. Floppy Cock October 03, 2017
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