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4 definitions by Further Intel

"The Conduit" is a Wii exclusive first-person-shooter. It is developed by High Voltage Software and was released Spring of 2009. It boasts a unique graphics engine and 16-player online, utilizing the Wii Speak peripheral. It has won numerous awards like IGN's "Best Graphics Technology".

Gamer 1: "Dude, lets go play the Conduit"
Gamer 2: "Yeah, its supposed to be better than Halo.
by Further Intel January 27, 2009
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A banshee rampage. It's when someone in Halo online gets in a Banshee and goes around the base killing everyone after they respawn. They try and make it so you won't escape and launch fuel rods at you from their banshee. It's rather annoying and then their hard to kill.
Dude, that noob is on a sheepage - he's killing everone on red team.
by Further Intel February 3, 2009
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A server that has been abandoned, and nobody is on except you. Commonly seen in older games that were the first to get online such as Dues Ex, Halo, Doom. On a Dead Server, you feel lonely.
Man, I went to play Dues Ex online on my old computer, but all I saw were Dead Servers.
by Further Intel February 1, 2009
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A gaming acronym that stands for "God of War 2". Sometimes confused with "Gears of War 2". In reality though God of War came an entire year before Gears was released. Developed by SCEA.
Gamer: Wow both GoW2 and GeoW2 are awesome games!
by Further Intel February 21, 2009
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