NOT CONCEITED!!! conceDed!!!!!!!!!!!
Conceited is vain smug arrogant.
to concede is to give up or admit defeat. geddit right.
1.That man is so conceited he thinks he's so much better than us.
2.He conceded.
by taking-the-biscuit January 15, 2006
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to think you are the best because well, some people just are.
look at the picture and you will understand why I am the best, can you deny it?
by Matt December 29, 2005
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To admit that someone or something else is right.

To acknowledge being wrong.
Joe conceded that Jan was right about how to fix the car.
by Eric Henry September 28, 2005
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To yield or suffer; to surrender; to grant; as, to concede the bet so as to not be in the running to win anymore.
Even though Mark ended up in first place by the end of the tournament he still lost the bet because he chose to concede when Memphis lost.
by League President March 30, 2009
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Girl: I'm so hot.
Girl2: Wow, you're so conceded!
by Numbar Foar October 14, 2010
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What John Kerry did on Nov 3rd, 2004.
"You'll never guess who conceded."
"Why, Kerry, WHY?!"
by sandra November 4, 2004
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when you mispell coincedence because you dont ever use coin as a part of another word unless you're a total nerd.
its not faite, its concedence

oh man what a concedence
haha, spelling fail
...fuck you grammar nazi
by you cant have my name November 3, 2010
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