Compensation. To receive payment for an injury, physical or mental.

In some areas, a raised paving stone is regarded as a golden opportunity to raise money, and all the wasters and low-lifes will attempt to break something by *accidentally* tripping over said stone.

Commonly used in South Wales.
"Hey, did you hear that Dai broke his leg falling down the steps outside the pub last night?"

"The lucky bugger! He's done well, he should get a load of compo!"
by w00fdawg November 03, 2005
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From Latin, meaning 'in control of', 'in charge of', or 'in command of.'
The term non compos mentis means 'not of sound mind'.
by spoon2099 April 03, 2009
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lucid; wasted; lat. compos mentis; passed out
She'd too much of weed. She isn't compos.
by latrine00 July 23, 2005
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n: A man possessing dark cock attached to an otherwise pasty body. see also M Khan, Fat Bob

n: "to do a Compo", stupid, ill-concieved or wally-ish act. see also Weasel

That prick Copmo has Weaseled all my CDs again. If I ever catch that black-cocked freak, I'll beat him to within inches of his life, so I will.....
by hewhocannotbenamed July 07, 2003
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The look of sheer bewilderment and agony as demonstrated pictorially by the lower class when seeking remuneration or recognition as result of an 'injury' or traumatic experience.
Oh shit there's Kate Mc Cann again - her compo face makes me sick.
by Dazz1973 November 16, 2016
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Of latin origin literally meaning:
Not having control of ones mind, or being totally unique and the sort of person who makes you laugh
"Oh my god, he is suffering from non compos mentis but still kinda hot in an unstable way"
by Beefa July 27, 2007
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