The University of Wisconsin is a large public university in the Wisconsin capital of Madison. It is one of the largest campuses in the USA, and is one of the best colleges in the world. It is one of the Public Ivies, that is, a public university that offers an education equivalent to those of the private Ivy League schools. It is consistently ranked in the top 35 among all US schools, and in the top 10 among all public schools. The majority of their undergraduate majors are ranked within the top 10 nationally, and the university is one of the top 20 research institutions in the world. The University of Wisconsin, also known as UW, is tied with Harvard for producing the highest number of CEO's, and has produced some of the largest amounts of doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen, and millionaires. What is unique about UW is that not only is it one of the top academic institutions in the world, but it is also one of the biggest party schools and is known for being one of the best campuses in America. Playboy magazine named UW the biggest party school in America, and ESPN named Madison the best college sports town. UW is associated with two gigantic drinking fests: Halloween's Freakfest and Mifflin Block Party. Both are two of the largest college drinking fests in the country, attracting thousands upon thousands of drunk students.
Joe: "I go to the University of Wisconsin in Madison."

Maria: "Wow, that is awesome. You must be insanely smart and party all the time."
by madtown badger March 29, 2009
THE place to be for college in wisconsin. students will learn the basics of chugging, puking(especially projection) and of course, tapping some ass. some people claim there are actual classes here. they say this because they arent getting any, except maybe an occasional icy mike .
i was hanging out at the university of wisconsin the other day, looking to find some poon. I took that bitch and i fucking did the pirate to her bitch ass.
by Haywood Jablowme OSH March 1, 2005
If you really want to go to a party in Milwaukee forget all the schools like Marquette and MSOE. Hit up the east side for keggers, a bar under the union, a sex panther for the mascot. In fall instead of leaves in the yard they a overlay-ed in beer cans.
Mike: After hitting up University of Wisconsin Milwaukee want to go to Oakland Gyro's?
Steve: Will we be drunk?
Mike: When aren't we? It is Milwaukee
by Ellen DeGeneres April 3, 2012
Unlike the above definition, the University of Wisconsin Madison is a prestigious university where education is everything but so is having a good time. You will find the most school spirit in Madison than anywhere else in Wisconsin. We are the number one party school but do not "fuck around" or "fuck-off". Time management is a must-have skill here (obviously if we go out everynight but still get up and get an A on an exam the next morning).
Wow, I can't believe _____ got into the University of Wisconsin Madison, he/she must have a really good GPA.

It's such a prestigious school to go to.

I can't believe you can go out almost everynight and still get a 4.0.

You go to Madison? Wow, thats impressive, I'm jealous.
by badger for life September 26, 2005
A lesser known campus in the UW public school system, the University of Wisconsin Parkside was founded back in 1968. It's one of the newest UW schools, and because of that it is greatly under appreciated by the majority of the state. Unlike schools such as UW-Madison or UW-Milwaukee, UW-Parkside hasn't had a chance to establish it's reputation as a quality and worth-while school to attend, so many people use it as a fall back option. However, Parkside is a fantastic school with a diverse campus.
Greg's parent's weren't thrilled when the only school he was accepted to was University of Wisconsin Parkside, but four years and a bachelors degree later, they realized he had been in good hands.
by Quite Contrary September 18, 2009
The University of Wisconsin Madison is a public university in Madison, WI. It is generally known for its excellent Engineering and Business Programs, both of which are rated highly by both the Princeton Review and US News. UW-Madison also has excellent science programs, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. It is the flagship school of the UW system, as it usually refers to itself as "Wisconsin" (see, or the newly named "Wisconsin School of Business) and generally bashed by those who cannot get in. With its student population of roughly 41,000, it is one of the largest public universities in the US. The campus is located in downtown Madison, bordering Lake Mendota. Home to such progressives as Robert La Follette, and also due to its vast number of protests in the Vietnam War era, the city, including the university, has gained a reputation as being a hotbed of liberalism, which makes it a very awesome place. All in all, its a "public ivy", and thus you have to work very hard, but actually get a degree thats worth something. Also, there is a bit of partying between the constant barrage of papers and tests, thus giving Madison its legendary status.
Person A: "The University of Wisconsin Madison is a really shitty school"
Person B: "You're just saying that because you couldn't get into Madison."
Person A: "No i'm not"
(Day before)
Person A: "Oh, I got a rejection letter from Madison. Well, it looks like i'm going to Parkside."

(New Student at Madison)
New Student: "What the f**k is that thing?"
Not Noob: "That is Mosse Humanities. The most polarizing building on campus."
New Student: "Doesn't it look like a futuristic fortress from a 1960's film?"
Not Noob: "Yes, yes it does."

"Yay, I got a Business or Engineering degree from UW. I'm going to be very rich/powerful very soon. Bow."
by TheDictionKing January 3, 2008
Home of the Worlds Worst Division 2 Baseball Program. Once Head Coached by the Great Jarvis Brown with the Assistantance of Pitching Coach John Pulera Career ERA of 67. Brown Compiled a record of 14-73 in his three year tenure which was cut short due to Irreconsilable difference. If you ever come to Kenosha, Stay away from the Hell that is 900 Wood road
Frank: Hey i got a baseball scholarship to University of Wisconsin Parkside
John: Wow, That's like being the Tallest Midget.
by Jon Klienmeyer June 24, 2010