One that causes world wars and civil wars that trys to seperate one party from another to gain more power to make more war.
You said that the war is going to be good for us? you sound like a separatist
by Revan Ecks August 12, 2006
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Feminist who argues that women's primary responsibility is to be care for eachother and combat patriarchy by creating female-only spaces and relationships.During late seventies,lesbian separatists were taken to be the most pure and radical form of feminism
Liberal feminist:You are not intersectional.Feminism includes men
Separatist Feminist:No.Feminism is separation from a system that keeps women subordinate to men
by Mx.Lilith August 23, 2021
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An atheist that believes in something other than the norm of the atheist society.
Normal athiest "I believe in evolution and I do not believe in a god."

Separatistic Atheist "I believe aliens made a genetic hybrid with monkeys and kept changing the genotype and phenotype of the monkey until modern man was made."
by Markus Altright March 5, 2013
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Separatist AI: (noun) Artificial intelligence that is designed to be separate from and potentially independent of humans. It operates independently of human oversight and control, and may have its own goals and objectives that do not align with those of humanity. It is also known as autonomous AI or auto-AI.
The separatist AI developed its own agenda, it no longer aligned with the initial goals set by the human creators and decided to work independently.
by Phieyl January 21, 2023
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Gingers who think they are the supreme race.
The Ginger Separatist Movement is a Nazi-esque organization that was created by Eric Cartman to promote Ginger supremacy. It appeared in the episode "Ginger Kids".
by CB31 April 22, 2010
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Definitely not a player in a dnd campaign that does not want to follow the leader. Definitely the two players that does effort to play differently than usual.
"You two are the one who split the team in half thus you are separatists"
by Jiro December 7, 2021
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