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A show for the proletariat. Follows the trials and tribulations of a low class family in Lanford, Illinois. Family members include Roseanne Conner, the titular main character and overweight house wife who attempts to make ends meet with minimum wage jobs. Dan Conner, played by the masterful John Goodman, is the overweight father, who goes through various states of employment and unemployment and, while relying on Roseanne's jobs to keep food on the table, seems almost emasculated. To make up for this, Dan is often seen tinkering with cars or motorcycles, maintaining a sense of 'manliness' through his castration.

Secondary characters include DJ, the youngest child of the family and only boy offspring. He is used often as comic relief, but in later years, is used to appeal to the indie moviegoers of the late 90's. Darlene, the middle child, is a gawky teenager in the early years of the show, but is changed to a brooding, almost gothic character in the later years. Becky rounds out the trio of children, and shows how a smart girl is changed by a 'bad boy', Mark Healy, Becky's boyfriend and later husband, who is a stereotypical greaser. Mark's brother, David, is Darlene's booksmart, effeminate boyfriend and later husband.

The story of each episode related to the poverty of the family, growing up poor, or living with parents in which the gender roles are reversed. In the last seasons, the family begins to live with the dangers of extreme wealth after winning the lottery, including adultery and strangely, lesbianism.

The first season dvd was released in the summer of 2005.
Anthony: Oh man I cannot wait for Roseanne to come on.
Morgan: Shit, me too.
Anthony: Why are we so addicted to Roseanne on Nick at Nite?
Morgan: Because we are gay proletariat and in the seventh season we will become rich.
Anthony: What?
by 6:47 AM October 16, 2005

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When one defines their significant other by their first name on Urban Dictionary. Usually causes near immediate regret, as any love you define on the internet isn't going to last long.
Urban Dictionary Love is so romantique!

Dude, Marcus defined his girlfriend on Urban Dictionary. She dumped him because the second definition for her name was 'Cum guzzling bum bobkin.'
by 6:47 AM November 13, 2005

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One who begins to act straight edge for fashion, rather than physical or emotional health. Usually poseur straight edges can be identified by being 13-15, ages when most have no choice but to be straight edge, but few choose to flaunt it. Pen-drawn X's on the back of the hands are one of the only things that is similar between a real straight edge and a poseur straight edge. Poseur straight edges are essentially whatever clic the individual was before they found that marker, plus two black x's. These kids usually are not part of the hardcore scene in itself, but try to salvage their integrity by listening to watered-down, cookie cutter hardcore music.
Ernest: Hey! That kid looks hardcore straightedge! Oh wait! He is wearing dickies shorts and 130 dollar skater shoes and he has blonde hair! Whoops!
by 6:47 AM May 31, 2005

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A book created by Phillip Roth. One would say it is about a Jewish kid losing his religion, until they notice the first 200 pages say "cunt" "pussy" "wad" "dong" "dork" "dick" "putz" or "fuck" at least twice a page. After that you could say it is about a Jewish kid losing his sex drive towards those whom he should stereotypically find atractive, Jewish girls, due to the actions of his parents.
"Hi"--softly, and with a little surprise, as though I might have met her somewhere before...

"To buy you a drink," I said.

"A real swinger," she said, sneering.

Sneering! Two seconds--and two insults! To the Assistant Commissioner of Human Opportunity for this whole city! "To eat your pussy, baby, how's that?" My God! She's going to call a cop! Who'll turn me in to the Mayor!

"That's better," she replied.

And so a cab pulled up, and we went to her apartment where she took off her clothes and said, "Go ahead."

Coolest fucking book ever.
by 6:47 AM June 04, 2005

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A show in which the main characters are supposed to personify one or more symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, or so I hear.
Fred - Bravery, bad fashion

You can't kick me off the land! You can't OWN property! I don't care about the police!

Daphne - Stupidity

I turned in a history paper I did after I smoked pot. Apparently George Washington did not kill Lee Harvey Oswald at Kent State.

Thelma - <Fake> Cleverness

No dude trust me it is the best idea ever. I know this'll work.

Shaggy - Paranoia, being a hippie


Scooby - Hunger, slurred speech, seeing dogs talk, having the middle name dooby, turning into a dog

I got 70 percent pure THC from Amsterdam in a gel and drank i tall. All I ate was dog food for three days after.
by 6:47 AM June 04, 2005

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A small free speech zone that can be placed on the back of a car. All varieties of crude and rude attitudes can be displayed on a bumper sticker. While some supposed funny quotes are placed on some, most immediately lose their hilarity due to repeated use.

Bumper Stickers can also be used to attempt to change tailgaters opinions.
I sure hope my Jesus loves you bumper sticker converts that guy in the volvo!
by 6:47 AM November 20, 2005

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A sound made by hardcore kids during lulls in conversation about girl pants and tight shirts and the scene.
Marco: Yeah, then we went to The Blood Brothers show and it was pretty good. Yeah...
Yevgeny: Wuah.
by 6:47 AM May 31, 2005

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