A person who always shouts at the screen and cries/gets mental when he loses a game.
Oh, My God...Johnny's such a complainer gamer... He lost the scrabble 2-minute tournament yesterday and went havoc on my pillow...
by GreatFlyingBaboon March 13, 2018
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Someone that complains almost non-stop, Very annoying.
Did you hear how much of a Chronic Complainer maya is?
by Sigmicgalaxy February 14, 2019
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When the bitches are getting on your nerves because of all the disturbing noise she "Thy Bitch" are making, and you feel blood streaming to your fists.
Oh my lord Jesus, Bitches be complaining.

Her: hbclwevgipqrlrgbqbhuqrguø! You: The bitches be complaining.
by Staten2 March 14, 2022
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