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Christopher Hitchens is an Anglo-American author and journalist. Hitchens formerly identified with the political left but has come to adopt more right-wing views on certain issues, such as the war in Iraq. He is a noted polemicist and has published a number of controversial books criticising Mother Teresa, religion and what he calls 'fascism with an Islamic face'. He is also an ardent admirer of George Orwell
Did you see Christopher Hitchens own Michael Moore?
by Dugzi July 18, 2008
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An English-born, American journalist who is probably the most badass of the atheist dream-team (Dawkins, Hitchens, Sagan, Dennet, and Harris). He is a well-known author who writes books like "god Is Not Great" and "The Portable Atheist: Essential Reading for the Non-Believer." He is known for his merciless wit and intellectual finesse that allows him to dominate his religious opponents in a debate. His comebacks have been named Hitchslaps.

Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and is currently (3/27/2011) in stage four of the cancer. Despite this, he is still up and fighting, continuing to debate those who are stupid enough to challenge him.
We're all rooting for you Mr Hitchens!
Dude, did you see Christopher Hitchens on FOX?
Ya man, he DESTROYED Hannity.
by Stephen the Heathen March 28, 2011
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