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Someone does something for someone, in exchange for some sexual favour.

The 'something' is usually a trade or technical task.

The sexual favour is negotiable. i.e. lawn mowing = blowjob; installing new PC = a quick fuck; etc.

Usually energy exchange is proposed by MILFs and Matures when there is a budgetary issue, or they just want some semi-random fun and can save some money.

Some trades and techs may not accept the offer.

AKA "Furry Chequebook"/"Furry Checkbook".
Tradie/Technician: Your quote for the project is $2000, Mrs Jones.
Mrs Jones: Can we do an energy exchange?
Tradie/Technician: Yes, but only for the labour component.

cue: Mrs Jones having her way with the tradie/technician, getting what she wants and the Tradie/Technician doing good work and getting off too; both parties enjoy good work and no strings attached mutual enjoyment. May result in callbacks for maintenance tasks.
by TechnoHippie October 12, 2015
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