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A state of mind that everyone in the world is trapped in except for kids and teenagers, hippies, protestors, old people, and anyone who ever bothered to follow their dreams(and succeeded).
If being bitter and complacent is what it means to grow up, then let me stay immature forever.
by DarkMillennia August 25, 2003
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An idiot who knocked up his woman, married her, got caught fucking his secretary, got bitchslapped with divorce papers, and refuses to pay up child support because the woman won't let him see the kids.
This is why condoms were invented, people. Use them.
by DarkMillennia August 25, 2003
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Not something you can easily get here in the good 'ol USA.
We can't get a proper education here in the U.S. because all of the schools are grossly underfunded, the teachers underpaid, and everything we're taught nothing but lies painted rose.
by DarkMillennia August 24, 2003
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A larger version of a wordhamster/word. Goes good with barbecue sauce.
I just fried me up a guinea pig the other day, and it was damn good! They oughta sell these things at KFC...
by DarkMillennia August 26, 2003
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What? Link bitchslapped Ganondorf for the umpteenth time today? KEG PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!
by DarkMillennia August 16, 2003
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The dumbest fucking insult ever to be conjured up.
Harry Potter pimpslapped Draco Malfoy for being a retard after Malfoy called his bitch a mudblood.
by DarkMillennia September 5, 2003
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The answer to wordgovernment/word. Also a wonderful excuse to rob a shitload of rich people.
by DarkMillennia August 26, 2003
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