Pocho slang for compadre; pal, chum, dawg
Yo compa, bust out with the yesca...
by LeRoy November 14, 2003
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Informal Latin American Spanish, short for compañero; used to describe political (often social justice) allies.
These folks are compas, they're down.
by suom September 9, 2008
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Compa refers to mate, friend, brother. Comes from spanish from the word companero which translate to peer, but used as a friendly way to talk about your homies.
I went with my "compa" to the movies!- Fui con mi "compa" al cine!
by Tracerone December 16, 2019
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COMPA ( COM PA )...Short for compadre used by chicano, old school pachucos male friends to define there close frendship and respect
Say compa you going to the game

ORALE compa ill see you there
by ADRTE June 18, 2013
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skateboarding trick do an ollie and kick both feet off
damn thats a good ollie compas
by dalton lowery October 31, 2003
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