Pocho means americanized Mexican, or Mexican who has lost their culture. (Which largely refers to losing the Spanish.)It is a derogatory term can be someone who's trying to "act white" but it has been largely embraced by Chicanos with a sense of defeatist humor - We're pochos, y que? - so that it's actually becoming more playful than bitter. Kind of like, among blacks, "Whas up Nigga".

The tension over pocho/non-pocho can trace back to Mexican history and La Malinche who was a traitor to the indigenous Aztecs and birthed the first mestizo - hence the Mexican insult Hijo de La Chingada. Mexican philosopher Octavio Paz wrote extensively on this theme.
A Mexican sees a Chicano stuttering out his Spanish and thinks to himself - pocho - what an embarrassment.

There is a website called pocho.com that's dedicated to aserbic Chicano humor.

by ChiBorn And Raised October 11, 2005
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someone who is latino, but doesn't know a word of Spanish.
by yulmis October 10, 2003
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People of Mexico degrading slur for Mexican-American.
Pinche Pocho!
by Gamblin February 17, 2004
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Supposedly a "hispanic" who is a traitor to his "Spanish" roots.

This is absurdly ironic because the natives of Meso-America did not speak Spanish. In fact Spanish was a language forced onto them.

Read about what Las Casas witnessed to get an idea of why the natives of America speak Spanish today. Rape, forced labor, and betrayal by the Aztec Malinche.
I hope Chiborn realizes that the Spanish language comes from Spain, and by speaking Spanish he or she could be considered a Malinche as well, or shall I say, "pocho".

Chiborn should come to Spain and see how the Spanish really feel about Spanish speaking Amerindians.

Chiborn in Spain: HOLA! mi hermano espanol! Yo ODIO pochos!

Spaniard: Callate tu sudaca. Volver a mexico subhumano.
by +6984730398429 December 13, 2009
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Starting form the second generation

of Mexican s born in USA . Chicanos being the first generation . pochos are more intergrated and rarely speak Spanish ..
His parents are Chicanos therefore he is a pocho and his kids

and grand kids will also be pochos .
by Sr Meño December 21, 2019
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A half-human-Half donkey breed that has the ability, or rather ridden with the burden of laughing like a hyena.
Patrice, there is not a single word in the English dictionary to describe you, you are an idiot, you drink like a camel and laughs like a pocho
by Mikcoxhard November 25, 2020
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a small town in westchester, NY.. about 40 minutes from the city, yeah, new york city.

Most people say they hate it here because of a few bad neighborhoods, but i actually enjoy it, a lot. its got some pretty sweet hidden places.. but there are some security issues.
"Man you from PoCho?!"

"wow, that tee shirt is so ghetto, its Po Cho!"

"Going to PoCho to get that white"
by PoCho Whitte March 26, 2010
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