When you say something smart-alicky to rost a big asshole
Girl:”your so short”
Boy:”I like that your tall cuz then there’s more of you to dislike”
The bios:”dddaaaaammmmmm” “that comeback was saucy
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by lilmac27 January 09, 2020
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when somebody roasts you, but you absolutely fucking demolish them with a word or statement.
Rob: haha i smashed your moms pussy last night
you: And she told me what a small cock you have
yo did u see ryans new comebacks
by gg 2 ez pz January 15, 2020
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When an artist(s) releases a new song/album/EP etc.
Boy: Is BTS having a comeback?
Girl: Yeah, they've just released a teaser, it's gonna be a bop!
by stankings December 17, 2018
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The comeback is when you come back with anything your friends say and add your mamma in front of it, plus making it dirty

The pad goes in and up.

I go in your mom and she goes up.
by Storyteller September 07, 2007
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If you've upset your stomach and you feel really bad, then there might be a comeback of what you ate the hours before.

Guy: Yesterday I was so drunk, but after my comeback, I was alright again.
by Eraser April 13, 2008
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a response after one has been hoed or dissed


1. "You graveler you!

2. (insert comeback here)
well youre a little (insert comeback here)!
by Bentley Smith May 25, 2004
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While giving a guy a blow job, let him finish in your mouth. After, pretend to spit it out and then kiss him.
I dumped my girl after she gave me the come back last night
by The Carters November 27, 2007
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