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twisted by fate, moments where everything is so twisted and in a haze but there is some kind of hope within you brought about by aspirations of a better tomorrow,dreaming for changes in fortunes and love.
THANK YOU( A Poem by Kibe Lisa)

Seasons are an edict in destiny,and you my friend are a companion of destiny but as seasons wane askew down these collied seasons of my life i would like you to know that i appreciate you for all those times that you have been there for me, in those dark moments of my life when all was null to me and there was no rhythm nor any discernible order in my head. But you were there for me,at ma every beck and call....even though i was a nuisance ....i know. But as i echo my sentiments know tat i would never ever forget that...even in my darkest hours,even in my deathbed...those memories will perish with me no matter where i go ..they will be with me even when you will be very far away from me...because they keep me warm,they keep me happy and make me remember that there was someone who loved and cared about me.....even that one that glorious life really glad that i knew you....
by English Notro Dame January 15, 2014
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