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Collingwood- a place full of diversity Hicks, preps, stoners, party animals, etc. Wild ass people live in Collingwood and know how to have a good time. Locals spend most of their time at the pier in the summer at blue in the winter and Dons all year round. CCI is home of many that partake in Collingwoods many activities this is also home to the 80% stoner population of Collingwood and will scare niners at first but after many trips to the bathroom seeing people vaping, skipping class, and much more you get used to the hectic atmosphere.
Hey are you going to the party in town tonight?
No it’s Collingwood it’s going to be shut down in a second
by Cwood January 20, 2019
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The population is about 98% full of white kids who try and act like they are black and wish they were, but are definitly not. The guys hobbies include Hockey, smoking 24/7, vaping 50 nic, the occasional smash and dash, balling, and chopping. You can find this species in various places including the YMCA, Subway at lunch, Badlands park, local parties, or in a typical sesh spot. If you're having trouble locating one of these crazy party animals just announce that you've "got kush" and they'll come running like the cat in the temptations commercial. These boys can be spotted in tiny hats, tall socks and beige khakis. Enough about the boys, because the girls are another fun story. The girls in Collingwood enjoy getting trashed on weekends! A Mickey of Smirnoff is where it's at and if you're fancy ladies you'll pull through with a flavoured 2/6. You can find the girls at local parties or McDonalds in the summer anytime past 9 Pm. You'll find these ladies are attached to thier vapes like it's thier left arm. If you're trying to attract these creatures just yell "who needs a fill" and you'll be instantly surronded by Cwood chicks. They'll most likely be seen wearing leggings, sweatpants, beanies, Airforce 1's and Stans! Collingwood is a great place to be, filled with nicotine addicted children that really enjoy writing UD definitions for fun.
City idiot 1:"Damn these people are wack"
City idiot 2: "Ya they're from Collingwood"
by 420collingwood50nic January 22, 2019
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An excellent AFL team with 15 premierships with loyal supporters like myself.
Collingwood is the best, they are top of the ladder.
via giphy
by Beer Snake July 02, 2019
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an incompetent football team based in Melbourne, Australia. Devoid of skills and talent, it only attracts the most narrow-minded, lazy, boisterous, boastful and idiotic supporters to its club.
The club and its supporters are generally held in great contempt by the general population, including those who do not follow AFL.
How do you win a premiership?
play collingwood in the grand final
by howm September 08, 2006
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Inner-city suburb in the North-East of Melbourne, near Fitzroy and Carlton. Known for the Collingwood Football Club and various music venues including the Tote and the Barley Corn.
Going to see a band play at the Tote in Collingwood.
by Jani K September 29, 2005
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A poor football team that is supported by doll bludging bogans who are responsible for the banning of canned beer at the footy.
Collingwood is crap and is disliked by many.
by roofan August 05, 2004
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