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If someone is chatting rubbish.

If something is bad/dead
"Last night I copped four girls at the club"
"Stop chatting macka, you didn't cop anyone"

"I thought the drink would be nice but it was macka"
by ShhShhE April 01, 2017
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This is an adjective. It is a synonym - at least in South Yorkshire - for large, big, massive, huge, colossal, gigantic, etc. It is often used in a superlative manner.
"The stone that you threw at my head was macka'"
"He threw a mack-off stone at my head."
by James C. Eames May 08, 2007
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A McDonald's restaurant. Also written "Macker's", and possibly "mackaz" in New Zealand.
"I can't think about anything except a Filet-O-Fish right now. Let's go to Mackas."
"I'm having a real Mac-attack. Let's stop at Macker's."
by Exiled Josh September 07, 2005
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1. A versatile adjective for anything that is extreme
2. Noun, a fat person
3. Adjective for when you feel fat
1. This cheeseburger is macka awesome OR you are a macka loser
2. Dude, that chick was such a macka its disgusting
3. I'm feeling macka today, my jeans wont fit
by MackaFatty July 02, 2006
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