To nudge, nurdle and generally struggle to get it off the square.
Paul Collingwood was Collying it out in the middle.
by cricketlover2 August 20, 2009
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From the pronunciation of "college", it's a way of saying college (commonly used in the United Kingdom).
I got to go to colly tomorrow to get my mock exams done.
by badbwoy1 February 3, 2019
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The man who will tell you to off yourself without saying respectfully
Damn bro colly told me to off myself not respectful
by Bucket2 May 1, 2022
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A tiny dog that has a fat ass and tiny waist, she has an hourglass figure an an interest for masturbating. Colly is also a devoted cult owner, that has chicken nugget ears. She likes farting on people’s faces while their asleep. ( It is asssumed that this behavior is to assassinate humans).
My dog was being collyish today
by Colly’s owner February 10, 2023
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'The baby looks a little colly'
by Felix Sphraught August 2, 2017
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MARIJUANA... term used by rastafarians and jamaicans
i and i is gonna smoke some collie mon :)
by lootinandshootin December 15, 2006
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Jamaican rastafarian slang for marijuana, typically used to describe a person with marijuana available for sale, as in collie man. Word origin is from East Indian migrant workers (also responsible for the slang ganja), who would invoke the name of East Indian goddess "Kali", in reference to femininity and potency. Note: marijuana's most-potent bit is the flower of an unpollinated female plant (sensimilla).
Mister collie man
Me want some herbs to smoke tonight
- Steel Pulse "Macka Splaff "
by marshmallow75 January 6, 2016
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