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The opposite of a Myspace Angle. Basically, it is a photo taken at such an angle that it makes an attractive person look less attractive. Lighting is very important in Facebook angles, as is subtle elements such as background, facial poses, etc.
Person A: What the hell? Jen's Facebook pictures make her look terrible! She's beautiful in real life, what happened?
Person B: Well, she took them all at Facebook Angles. They make her look gross.

Person 1: So, you gonna post that pic you took earlier on Facebook?
Person 2: Hell no. It's shot at a total Facebook angle, and I didn't even know it.
by The Secks July 31, 2010
The frame of mind a fan of the Twilight Saga will get after watching a Twilight movie, or reading one of the four books. This usually involves talking/thinking about it nonstop, dreams of vampires or werewolves, and (in rare cases), online fan fiction stories.
Kathy just watched three Twilight movies in a row, and damn. She's really Twilight fucked.

I can't stop thinking about Jacob Black... I think I'm a wee bit Twilight fucked.
by The Secks July 19, 2010
The isolated girl in a group of socially acceptable or popular girls who is, very noticeably, unattractive. A group of attractive or popular girls will often adopt a fat girl, an "ugly" girl, a socially awkward girl, etc. They usually do this in order to make themselves feel better about being popular, or to look better by comparison. In most cases, the H-factor is a fat chick, but not in all. The H comes from the term "Holder".
"Hey man, why are those babes hanging out with that one fat chick? She totally stands out."
"I don't know. She must be the H-factor."

"Amanda is always hanging around hot girls. She wouldn't have many friends if she wasn't an H-factor."
by The Secks April 13, 2010
BBHS, (Big Butts Horny Sluts), is a gang from Connecticut that has recently started up. Lead by a man unknown to the world, for now, BBHS is rising to the top of the gang chain.
"Hey, Johnny, are you a member of BBHS?" "No, apparrently i'm not cool enough yet."

"Do you know how I can get into BBHS?" "Yeah, listen to alot of Ska.
by The Secks May 5, 2009
Somebody who is a "ya d00d" is basically a huge douche. These are the guys who's list of friends consists of assholes, people who like to get drunk or high, posers, douchebags, or guidos. A ya d00d is essentially a less conspicuous guido, as they are usually dressed as the stereotypical teenage douche. Sideways/backwards cap, ironically childish backpacks, etc.

A good way to tell who a ya d00d might be is during online communication. When asked a yes or no question, if the answer is yes, they will most likely reply "ya d00d". In certain cases, a ya d00d might actually replace all the o's in a sentence with a zero instead. Ya d00ds often consume a lot of alcohol, and will talk about the act more than they actually do it. A standard ya d00d will not shut up about how often he gets drunk, or how often he smokes marijuana.

If at all possible, try to avoid any ya d00d you may see. They are a hazard to the general public, a danger to your mentality, and overall are just fucking awful. The term can be heard in a line from the song "Those Kids Suck" by Big D and the Kids Table, where he says, "I'd rather be called nuts than to be a ya d00d."
Person 1: Why is Matt even friends with that douche?
Person 2: Well, Matt likes getting wasted. That kid's a ya d00d, so he has a lot of alcohol at his parties.
Person 3: Yeah, to be honest, if he didn't have that much beer, he probably wouldn't have many friends. Nobody likes ya d00ds.

ya d00d: w0w d00d ur n0t c00l mayne
Rational person: Shut the fuck up.

Person A: Why does he have such a hot girlfriend? He's a total ya d00d.
Person B: I guess girls are into complete assholes.
by The Secks August 26, 2010
One of the many nicknames for marijuana, such as pot, weed, herb, ganja, etc. A man who sells marijuana is known as a collie man.
Jamaican fellow: Jah's love upon ye, brotha, I and I should go burn some collie and feel right irie!

Guy: Yo, pass some of that collie.
Other guy: 'kay.
by The Secks November 10, 2010