a crystalline compound that is found especially in tea and coffee plants and is a stimulant of the central nervous system.
Want some coffee?
Yea sure bro <3
by IeatCeral March 03, 2017
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Offer to purchase coffee for your friends and co-workers
Paul: "Coffee?"
Allan: "Yeah, can you get me get a medium coffee with one cream. Thanks!"
by pineapplebottom September 02, 2017
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A slang term for hot black sex.
"Hey! wanna go out for some coffee?"
by Meowzic November 07, 2016
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A high powered, energizing, highly caffeinated drink that tastes amazing and delicious!! It just makes you want to get up and do everything if you have enough of it! Coffee is life and it is the best thing ever!! This beverage is usually drunk in the morning, but why not drink it all damn day long?! DRINK COFFEE ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! YOLO!!
Girl 1: "What the Hell is her problem?"
Random Girl: *dancing and laughing psychotically* I LOVE MY LIFE AND MY JOB SO MUCH!!"

Girl 2: "I think she had a whole pot of coffee this morning."
by IttyBittyKitten16 June 26, 2017
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She almost died but then took a sip of coffee and lived
by Beautifulkamrynnn January 23, 2019
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Also known as ambrosia (literally "of the immortals" or "food of the immortals"), coffee is a popular beverage well known for its caffeine content. It is commonly used in the morning to help one wake up, but it may be used at any time to help keep one awake. Programmers and gamers use it all the time.
America runs on coffee, which is what dunkin donuts' slogan really means.
it is well-known that a programmer is a machine that turns coffee into code.
by Twisted Code August 07, 2015
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