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stupid shitty thing that some moron made up because he thinks he will get famous from it... but it wont work becuase ppl dont know what "code 9" is...
Bill: hey man u fuck your girl last night?
Joe: 9..
Bill: wtf 9 fucking times? thats fucking crazy man
Joe: noo code 9
---(by this time your mom (why the fuck is your mom in your room anyways? tell her to get the fuck out) has already seen the swearing, and the g/f, and chances are... she doesn't give a shit)---
Mom: ooh you have a girlfriend thats nice honey
by iNf3Rn0 December 12, 2004
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There is a new online code out, kinda like lol or brb. This one is a little different though. You all know how it feels when you're talking to someone online, and your Mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that is on the screen. Then of course, the other person swears or talks about how much you luv your crush or something and your Mom reads it and tells you to get offline that instant, and not talk to that person anymore.

Well, what can we do about that? To solve this problem, now we have started the "Code 9" system.

In code 9, u simply press "9" when your parent or sibling is watching over your shoulder as you type.

That way, the other person will know what you are talkin about, and begin a conversation about homework or something.

When your Mom or dad leaves, press "99" to let the other person know that they r gone, so u can have a normal conversation again
Tom:hey you go out with your girl tonight

John: 9
by ACC1042 June 09, 2004
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Code 9 is used as an alarm while texting friends/BF/GF. While texting type 9 at the sight of parent/guardian, notifying the person you text that a parent is near and immediately talk about school/work. To notify said parent/guardian is away, type 9 or Code 9.
Texter 1: So she was like, what the fuck bitch?
Texter 2: 9
Texter 1: I have a doubt on question 9, do we add and divide or add and multiply
Texter 2: Add and divide, dude that was an easy one.
Texter 1: lol
Texter 2: Code 9
Texter 1: Yeah, so I just bitch slapped her, and we broke up.
Texter 2: o_O
by A$TRID April 28, 2016
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Some assfuck created codes for the very popular game "Socom 2" and it ruined everyone's life who played the game.

Examples of Code 9:
1) Players flying through the air
2) Players shooting rockets out of their butthole
3) Rapid fire shotguns
4) Running faster than an F-16
5) Being a fag with no life
6) booting the whole room just because he can
Me: Oh look at this guy, he's shooting rockets out of his asscrack!

Other player: FUCK, another Code 9 bitch. He's gonna ruin the...(room gets booted)
by MAJORPOOPY July 18, 2009
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To secretly fuck, finger, or orally satisfy a coworker.
"What is Brad so happy about?"

"He must of pulled off a code 9 at lunch."
by Marino October 12, 2006
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when a bra is present in a girls house, you yell to your homies code 9 so the hoochie mamas don't know
YO ryan mattson code 9 in liz bishops laundry room
by Rob December 17, 2004
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