One who "slobs the knob" in a metephorical sense.
That new kid is such a cocksmoke. The only way he got that promotion is by cocksmoking.
by NOTSO September 21, 2005
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noun--To be honest, I don't even know about this one. It's a type of person, I know that much. You might say "He is a cocksmoke" but never "I found a cocksmoke in this drawer."
"He is a cocksmoke."
by noodlehead December 15, 2004
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a long, skinned, black man's penis, smoked in a smokehouse and stuffed with the finest tobacco

a conniouseur's dream

i'd love one.
by dirty sanchez July 24, 2003
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a person who blows other p33pZ, like a cocksmoke or something.
You're a cocksmoke!
hey there cocksmoke
by nunyurbidnez April 26, 2004
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verb-some girl told me that it means "to get hit by something" what, i dont know. i think you can draw your own conclusions.
katie got cocksmoked in the head by a ( gatorade bottle)?
by tdubs March 26, 2005
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