when you doing a girl from behind ou tap her on the shoulder and spray raid in her face while saying "You dirty cockroach.
I did the cockroach last night
by Vinny P January 26, 2005
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In a game of Risk, to sneak a single army unit into an underprotected corner of an opponent's continent, preventing him/her from collecting extra armies on their next turn.
Player A has all of Asia and is hoping to collect 7 additional armies on his next turn. But then Player B captures Siam, effectively cockroaching Player A.
by tatertot8180 May 15, 2008
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An evil demon from the pits of Hell that was sent here to torment and destroy! Can't be killed by an atomic bomb but a can of Raid can kill them...
Illuminati confirmed!
"There's a freaking cockroach on my burger!"
Cockroach: "But did you die?..."
"Yes a piece of my soul did in fact die, go back to Hell from whence you came!!!!" *sprays Raid* Feels like a hero. Knows that the Illuminati gives us a little power so that we feel in control....
via giphy
by LionNessa June 22, 2016
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cockroaches : the worst STD that a girl can ever have.
kimbo: yo that bitch is hot.
terrence: nah bro yu dont even wanan fuck wit that.
kimbo: why?
terrence: yo. bro. i hear she got cockroaches.
by Rloger April 16, 2010
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When a partner does not swallow the ejaculate during phallic fellatio, but instead leaves the fluid in the oral cavity and proceeds to coat the penis with said fluid prior to cessation of oral stimulation. Upon flaccidity, the shriveled member, with addition of dried saliva and ejaculate, may resemble a "nigga-lipped roach" or previously saturated butt of a marijuana cigarette.
I thought you said your sister swallowed? Bitch left me wit a cockroach; frosted flakes all up in my jammies!
by Ricky Greezey March 27, 2015
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hoes, sluts who are intentionaly looking for penis to suck on.

they are always looking for cock to suck on like roaches for food
Hey, im feeling it tonight, u know any horny cockroachies?

Look, there are so many cockroaches in that bar.

How many dirty cockroaches have u slept with?

by pete_sauce July 29, 2007
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