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Cockpit, aka vagina, The cockpit admits the male penis for sexual intercourse. A pleasure hole.
she had a moist and Accommodating cockpit.
by Duran Duran April 07, 2006
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Area in an aircraft that holds pilot and co-pilot crew. Driver's seat in a race car.

Slang: Vagina
That was one tight cockpit.
by MoonKnight November 11, 2002
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A party that is full of guys and minimal females.
That jam last night was a cockpit.
by EmoHatch March 20, 2004
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A compartment for the pilot and sometimes also the crew in an aircraft, so named by stewardesses because the mile-high club was (obviously) initiated there.
Flight-fag: "<Sigh.> There's a fat couple stuck in the bathroom. I swear, these people need to join Jenny Craig before the Mile-High Club.

Tinkerfluff Tina: "You tell the Air Marshal. I'm gonna' go show the hot co-pilot why the cockpit is better than first class."

Flight-fag: "But,... the Air Marshal is the blumpkee in the shitter and the co-pilot is my cum dumpster."
by Bachelor boB January 07, 2011
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The place under a manager's desk where a secretary or other subservient administrative staff member would go and perform favors for raises.
Mary reluctantly went into Bob's cockpit. When she was done though, she got a 10% raise.
by Bald Cyclops June 04, 2007
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When one female folds her arm down, as one male proceeds to slide his carefully lubed erection in between said fold, pointing towards the armpit. The male then continues to repeat this process, focusing on rubbing the bell of his penis against the female's axilla. It is often best for the female to have a well shaven axilla, as it can become extremely abrasive for the male genetalia.
Winston: "I say, Margaret, what say you to a randy romp of a good ol' fashioned cockpit?"

Margaret: "That sounds quit agreeable, noble sir, but I must shave my oxter, for it could become quite unagreeable with your tallywhacker."

Winston: "Indeed, then it's agreed! We shall have a cockpit after tea!"

Margaret: "Resplendant!"
by Witherton McManus January 03, 2010
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The place between a female's legs where a cock must be banished to forever. Put another way, the place all Cocks make a pit stop for a shot of a drink to cool off when it gets hot on the spot.
I feel like my fucking dick must get some rest in a tight cockpit.
by Pussy-whipper Sam November 07, 2006
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