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(n) Assurance and boldness of an unattractive man who, despite lack of any redeeming qualities or personal hygiene, is arrogent and abusive due entirely to the size of his larger-than-average penis. These men should be avoided. Cockfidence is not directly proportional to sexual prowess.
Due to his cockfidence, the short, ugly and abusive troll Bryan has slept with many attractive women who should be out of his league.
by Prantzell March 15, 2010
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A perfect blend of cockiness and confidence about yourself, so smooth, everyone thinks you are awesome because of how superb your self-confidence is.
Betsy: I look good.
Kayla: I totally want your cockfidence.
by colteezykeezy May 26, 2011
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the act of your cockyness overpowering your own confidence
that richard-face just asked the hottest chick in here to go back to his place, he sure has cockfidence
by malibu biff July 20, 2008
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