When two people are doing a 69, the person on top takes a shit on the face of the person on bottom. Then the top person leans back, sits on the bottom's face, and moves back and forth to rub the shit all over their face. When the bottom gets up, their face is covered in black, just like a coal miner!
Susie was tired of her boyfriend having all the fun with moves like the bucking bronco and the dirty sanchez. She cooked up a move she could surprise her man with -- the coal miner!
by Bike Curious November 12, 2010
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A sexual act when anal fisting a person and then grabbing a turd and pulling out a lump of coal.
when Graham was fisting Pavan he took hold of a black rock and pulled it out! proclaiming himself the worlds greatest coal miner.
by CoxHall Master March 21, 2007
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When you take a shit so nasty that the next person to use the bathroom needs to send in a canary first to make sure the air isn't poisonous
I just took a coal miner in the john, you might want to wait a few minutes before you go in or you could choke to death.

On my poop-gas.
by Poopadynitz November 29, 2012
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When a man puts a strap on dildo on his forehead (like a coal miner’s head lamp) and fucks a woman methodically with only his neck muscles.
Woman: “How was your date last night Erica?”
Erica: “Great! After dinner and a movie, we went home and he Coal Mined me all night.”
Woman: “He is totally The Coal Miner!”
by TheFuckMaster69 July 14, 2019
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Its a sexual position where you strap on a dildo to your forehead and use it to fuck a girl in the ass while you eat her out.
"Dude, I gave that girl a Coal Miner last night"
by FletchRose November 28, 2005
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A person who romantically invests in someone with high earning potential but who is not yet wealthy, so that he or she can later benefit from this person's wealth; differs from a gold digger, who seeks out partners who are already rich and well-established; derived from the notion that atmospheric pressure can eventually turn coal into diamonds
I'm not a gold digger. I'm a coal miner--I do the hard work and mine the coal with the hopes that, some day, the coal will become a diamond.
by Absolutely Punderful March 10, 2017
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