it's when you are doing it doggy style and your friends are hiding in the closet...they jump out and yell "SURPRISE!!" and you have to hold on and stay in her for 8 seconds
"Biff and Brad are coming over and we're going to pull the Bucking Bronco on'll be hillaaarious, I'll say I didn't know-she won't believe me-and then I won't have the awkwardness of breaking up with her! Perfect plan!"
by Rumford February 08, 2014
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Term used to describe an odd doggy style method. The male leans down over the female during sex then strongly grips the breasts then says into the ear of the female something that would cause her to frantically try to get away (i have aids, your sister was better, where did this rash on my dick come from?, your a lot better than that cold girl i met in the morgue, etc..)
man when i told that beyotch that i had aids, shit was like a bucking bronco
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
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Having sex doggie-style while grabbing her hips, leaning over and calling her by your ex-girlfriends name and trying to hold on while she tries to get away.
I only lasted 10 seconds while doing the Bucking Bronco with with my girlfriend.
by Cuuter May 05, 2010
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This is for the girls:

When you're doing it missionary, and he's about to cum, wrap your legs around his waist and yell, "I wanna be a momma!" And see how long you can hold on.
Susie: "how'd you get that black eye?"
Mary: "I tried the bucking bronco on Joseph last night, and he punched me in the face after 10 seconds. It's a new record!"
by BishopIII July 27, 2011
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Go out drinking with your friends and take home the biggest broad you can find - have your friends get a head start on the way home and get them into your closet. When you get the fat broad on all fours and begin to hammer away doggie style, have your friends jump outta the closet and the goal is to hang on as long as you can!
I was able ride the bucking bronco for 24.3 seconds until I was tossed off any the rodio clowns had to tame the beast!
by Tbone March 20, 2005
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while committing fornication from behind a female, also known as "doggy-style", one falsely informs her that one is carrying some sort of sexually transmitted disease, preferable the HIV virus. One then tries to stay inserted and on top the female as long as possible before she is able to "buck" one off.
"Sally has gotten tested for VD 10 times this week after I pulled the bucking bronco on friday night."
by eee-rock September 24, 2009
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The Bucking Bronco is an sex position in which the man mounts the girl from the back, and cups her boobs firmly in his hands and quietly whispers into her ear. "These are almost as nice as your sister's!" The girl will then proceed to buck up and down like a wild bronco. You then time how long you can stay in for.
I decided to try the Bucking Bronco last night on my girlfriend, and she threw me off like a monkey throwing shit!
by Forlorner November 01, 2006
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