A molecule containing one Carbon atoms and two Oxygen atoms. Also known as "Duster Gas". It is the gas found inside of compressed air cans (such as the ones for cleaning computer keypads). Also used as a propellant for some paints and liquids.
"Bottles that contain CO2 can explode if exposed to open flame."

"CO2 is compressed oxygen."
by they7692 July 17, 2009
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Refers to the case when gas pressure built up in the rectum expels feces with an unusual amount of force.
Don't go in there for a few minutes, man, I just took a co2.
by thlayli January 13, 2003
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Also: CO2 scrubbing, Nerd for Sex.

From: The BONES episode, Aliens in a Spaceship
"No, Perla, I will not take Pluto behind the middle school and CO2 scrub him"

by Moxed December 11, 2008
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A homemade firecracker that makes an M-80 sound like a cap gun
I threw a co2 bomb down the toilet of the other teams satellite at the high school football game
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 13, 2003
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The primary weapon weilded by Schielke. Obsessed over it to the point where he was so proud of himself for building a childrens toy
Schielke:Ok lets switch gears
Jack:what are we gonna make?
Schielke:A Co2 Dragster of course,my proudest achievement!
by The Schielkmiester October 12, 2018
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