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Probably one of the most overused and boring positions ever. the chicks lays on her back, and the guy gets on top. Nothing special.
They were in the missionary position
by Cheese November 15, 2003

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A born and bred resident of the largest city in the north east of England (unlike the common misconseption that Newcastle is) and largest ship building town in the world. Rider of the bittersweet emotional rollercoaster that is the life of a die hard supporter of Sunderland Asociation Football Club as all true Mackems really are and don't just decide to switch teams because ones doing better than the other. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A GEORDIE!
Interveiwer: What is your reaction to the relegation of Sunderland AFC into the first division?
by Cheese February 27, 2005

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Usually a female who hounds (loves) the cock. She loves fucking, sucking, stroking and licking the cock. Taking the cock up her ass makes her feel like a kid in a candy store.
Nicole Davis is a cock hound slut!
by Cheese October 23, 2003

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to borrow a cigarette from an english chap.
X:Can i bum a fag mate?
Y:I'm not your mate Fag!
X:No no no, a Fag is a cigarette.
by cheese July 25, 2004

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Unlike the missionary, this on is a little better, where the guy lays down and the chick lays down on top.
She rolled on top into the reverse missionary
by Cheese November 15, 2003

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a non-muslim elephant
the majestic herd of infidelephants got sploded by the fanatical terrorists
by cheese July 09, 2005

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One who set himself apart by commiting
an unbelievable act of stupidity.
Holy fuck, what were you thinking
by cheese May 07, 2003

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