A person who is absolutely garbage at a sport, game or anything really. This person is considered a "duster"
The term derives from this "duster" getting completely obliterated in anything he/she does and collects dust.
Example: A person who gets left in the dust.

Someone can be considered a "dust" if they failed an exam or if your just a "dust" and anything; can be sports, school, video games, etc..
Getting dusted in Halo
Getting dusted in Hockey
"Get Dusted"
"Wipe that dust off your shoulders!"
"Wow, what a dust!"
"Your such a duster"
by Kyle/Josh December 15, 2009
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This term refers to those unfortunate souls who usually only step on the ice with 14 seconds to go when your team was initially down 4-2 but gave up an empty netter to make it 5-2. The coach finally calls the "dusters" number and does so in a way that the duster feels like he is finally getting an opportunity to showcase the talent he doesn't really possess. Why the term duster? Cause this plug has been sitting on the bench the entire game.............Collecting dust. Always the worst player on team.
Chad is the team duster, hes played a total of 2.3 minutes this season. Go Chad.
by acMeitaK February 06, 2005
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someone who is garbage at everything with bad flow and no skills at any sports. (Brayden Oake)
by The Troll 1121123211234321 December 12, 2013
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Refers to a man with a limp on his left leg who is also a thief, a moron, a band member, and someone who loves cheese.
Duster loves cheese!
by Mister Saturn March 16, 2016
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Some one who sits the whole game and collects dust then comes out with 14 seconds left in the game
Woah look at Ricky and Ryan what benders there terrible they are complete dusters
by Luker masascher October 10, 2014
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A can of compressed air that you inhale to get a very intense high. Used to blow dust off computers and other things. Gives a very numbing high and makes a cool sound in your head, along with speaking funny and the occational blackout.
Jimmy: Hey can you hand me that bottle of gas duster!

Frankie: Hold on, i'm about to get dusted.

Frankie: Waw Waw Waw Waw...Yooooooooo

Jimmy: Dude, you are dusted!
by ZEDET April 26, 2011
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Someone who sits on the bench and collects dust. Also known as a fourth liner. Usually really sketchy at performing the usually physical activities.
Omg look at danielle and nicolina, i still can't beleive how big of Dusters they are!!!
by dirt nast August 27, 2010
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