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n. Worthless junk. Something which is broken, cheap or substandard can be said to be "clown shit."
Damn, Frank is sure a Chevy guy. To him, all Fords are clown shit.
by Frank Klaune April 16, 2005
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Mc Donald's, from Ronald, plain and simple.
Smells like clown shit in here! (meaning someone is eating or has eaten Mc Donald's, and it smells like it)
by pctv September 05, 2007
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A commonly employed theme in haunted attractions; most often using day-glo paint, a selection of Killer Klownz masks, stupid horns and sometimes 3D glasses. The aim is to appeal to the small portion of attendees who suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns). People who are afraid of clowns are afraid of one in the middle of a brightly lit room and to those who are not afraid of clowns it is stupid and boring.
I really enjoyed the haunted house we visited last night, except for the clown shit maze; that was lame.
by The Haunt Prophet October 20, 2015
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noun. The work product that necessarily results from three months of alcohol-laden procrastination, followed by 96 hours of unremitting inscription. While exceedingly colorful and lengthy, it is nonetheless composed purely of fecal matter.
After pining away for 4 miserable days in the library, Josh was able to turn in 50 pages of clown shit.
by JBWalkWalk April 12, 2006
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The act of relieving ones bowels in a manor to humiliate, disrespect, or bring negative attention to another person or there property.

The act of using feces to destroy someones property or moral.

A form of civil dissobediance or passive agressive protest.

Military Specification or Mil Spec : Contents one clown shit for discrete placement in obvious location. For the porpose of less than lethal biological warfare.
"If he parks his car in my spot again I'm going to clown shit his hood."

"That pretentious ballwasher got his own parking spot. I'm going to take a clown shit rite whare he opens his door."

"It's been a month since our bathrroom has been cleaned. No papper towels no toilet papper no soap. So at lunch I went into the cooporate bathroom removed a seiling tile shit on it and replaced it to it's spot in the ceiling.

If nothing is done by next week I will take a clown shit in the bosses waste papper basket."
by Miserable Wretch November 20, 2011
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excrement, the substance that will leak from jessica simpson if i ever get a shot at her.
i'd fuck the clownshit out of her.
by smutacus October 02, 2007
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Used as an embarrassing statement to another person. Same thing as a "Fag."
Bob: Yo what u doin later tonight?
Jim: Droppin off kyle, n his buddy. couple clown shits to be honest with ya.
by ChrisLongBalls July 03, 2011
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