1. (noun) to gag, retch or vomit
2. (adj.) one word exclamation used to express pure, unadulterated revulsion; similar to "Gross!" but connotes infinitely more acute disgust
1. The smell of Lauren's queef caused me to keck in my own lap.

2. That nasty horse-toothed sloptits left her used tampon on the sink. Keck!
by Chauncy Huffington July 5, 2005
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someone who is strange, but in a cool way. a person you like to hang out with but are afraid your other friends might not like.
he's really cool i think, but your girlfriend might not like him, he's kind of a keck.
by adam walker July 11, 2005
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to whip out one's chubby, bust on a leather glove, and smack someone in the face with it
i totally kecked a girl last night
by Bartholomew Cubbins October 29, 2009
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is used the same as the word shit and means exactly the same.
i have to take a keck or your a piece of keck or im gonna rip your head off and keck down your throat.
by leondaman August 21, 2008
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Prior to chewing a thick gooey substance, keck occurs when one's mouth is extremely sticky and full of foods such as chocolate or peanut butter. This is normally an uncomfortable experience.
by Bryan Atherton August 14, 2007
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Keck (verb- to keck)

A keck is a quick kiss, a little more than a peck, but not quite as much as a smooth. Portmanteau of the words "peck" and "kiss"
Guy 1- Did you guys kiss before you left?
Guy 2- Yeah, but it was more of a keck than a kiss.
by steveadore March 19, 2009
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