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When someone goes to the gym and spends 90% of the time on their phones scrolling through social media
Looks like its thumb day again for Jimmy with his usual routing... 3 sets of 5 snapchat selfies and 10 sets of scrolling through facebook until exhaustion
by Gary br April 02, 2017
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In the North of England and South Wales, the word "kecks" or "kex" is frequently used to refer to men's trousers.
"That's a smart pair o' kecks he's wearin'!"
by Andy Davidson March 07, 2003
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Berlin (german) Slang, short for Kecko,

(male) person who is regarded as stupid. A idiot/fool/dumbass.

often used when someone just did something really stupid.
Little Timmy spills the weed.

His brother Bob: You're such a Keck, Timmy!
Now go pick that up.
by Arimari May 10, 2009
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1. (noun) to gag, retch or vomit
2. (adj.) one word exclamation used to express pure, unadulterated revulsion; similar to "Gross!" but connotes infinitely more acute disgust
1. The smell of Lauren's queef caused me to keck in my own lap.

2. That nasty horse-toothed sloptits left her used tampon on the sink. Keck!
by Chauncy Huffington July 05, 2005
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In Scotland and the North of England, Kecks means a guy's underpants.
"Fuck, all me kecks 've got skidmarks in 'em"
by Gay Banker January 21, 2007
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A yorkshire word that refers to a gentlemans lower garments
' get yer kecks off for the lasses, get yer kecks off for the lasses...'
by lifes-a-beach-2 October 18, 2008
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