1. An abbreviation for perpetrator. (Someone suspected of a crime)
2. An abbreviation for Purple Haze, a breed of particularly potent marijuana that displays purple fibers.
1. After a fed showing various mugshots and sketches to a witness, he asks, "Do any of these resemble the perp?"
2. "Smoke perp by the pound, ounce by the fifth ..."
-Young Jeezy, "Trap or Die"
by 50-Septim October 24, 2005
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perpetrator, one who a police officer suspects of a crime
The perpetrator exited the vehicle and made a furtive gesture as if to seize a weapon, whereupon I blew him away.
by Octopod November 12, 2003
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REALLY good weed. short for purple, referring to one of the many strains of purple weed.
purple haze
purple kush
grand daddy purp and
purple monster
This perp is some of the best bud i have ever smoked.
by mdk182 February 8, 2008
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fake, mislead - derived from the legal term "perpetrating a fraud"
by Deacon Funk April 20, 2003
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Extremely amazing weed..... Yeah its expensive but it is high quality.
Put that perp in a bowl and smoke it!
by It don matter November 3, 2008
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1. A male cross dresser or is that a female cross dresser?

2. A VERY low class woman with no regard for the human race.

3. The pyscho queen of mutts.
Check that dude out, It's a Perp!

That Perp is one ugly dude!

The Perp has the turdle on a short leash.
by LarryButton February 24, 2008
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