to register one's departure from work on an automatic time recorder
I'm gonna clock out.
by dumdum_get_me_gumgum June 2, 2009
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to masturbate; to beat off in a manner which makes you tired.
Guy1"she broke up with you?"
guy2"yeah man. Im about to go home and clock out"
by JV February 28, 2005
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Gooby: "Yo daw you coming over to Macki's clib?"
Dolan: "Nah fool. Im clocking out!"
by GoobyGoobs February 1, 2013
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To be asleep!
Where's Jim?

Oh he's in bed clocked out
by Xx25 February 3, 2014
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When one of the Bois decides to go home early to chill with his girl friend.
Nate:"all right I'm going home early today Bois. "
John:"Nate's clocking out on the bois"
by Alpha_Ranga August 9, 2020
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verb: to finish something very quickly and efficiently
So did you ever get with amanda yesterday?

Ya man, but her dad was on the way home so i had to clock in/clock out.
by Garrett666 August 14, 2007
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