conducting shady business that you don't want anyone to know about
I asked them where all the money went and they told me to quit asking questions. what kind of cloak and dagger shit are they up to?
by jilm January 27, 2017
(adj.) Secretive, hidden on pain of death from all who don't need to know about it.
This is a cloak and dagger operation. If I told you about it, I am obliged to kill you, and make it look like suicide.
by Gumba Gumba July 12, 2004
A radio program on AM 640 based in Toronto which covers a potpourri of conspiracy theories. Hosted by two men calling themselves Lenny Bloom and Sleeper. With the exception of SOME thing they say about the NWO and JFK assassination, nothing that these 2 jokers put out can be taken seriously.
"The Queen of England is a reptilian. The twin towers were not hit by planes but cruise missles loaded with holograms" - Lenny Bloom

"God I hate this show sometimes" - Sleeper

See for more bullshit.
by anonymous December 20, 2003
The hidden hair you find inside your glass just as you finish your last drink. You think it's a crack in your glass, but then realize it's on the inside. It's most likely a long lost pube, but even if not, one must assume it is.
Dammit! I just got the cloak and dagger curly. I could almost floss with this thing it's so long.
by Hoobanutta April 6, 2017
Pretending to be someone's friend to get close enough to place your dagger between their ribs, pretending not to be fighting with them.
Cloak and dagger shit makes a lot of people pretenders/pretentious.
by The Original Agahnim November 27, 2021
What modern Russia has become under Putin.
A cloak-and-dagger society inevitably leads to a bloody conclusion: The French Revolution. Very rarely will it lead to anything else.
by Sexydimma February 25, 2023