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video by the maker of charlie the unicorn. a cloak can talk and move. he is trying to stop communism with his floating head, robert. it opens with robert juggling tacos and the cloak on the phone in an office. the cloak is asked to find a lizard who has joined a cult. then robert kills his cat in a microwave. they both go to get a board game for the night. the cloak hates the stuf at toybarn while looking for a game, so he goes to the CEO. he thinks the CEO is a communist, so he puts his ax of capitalism in his face. seeing that a communist would have dusted or turned into a red squid after being impaled by the ax, he discovers he is a Mormon, which the cloak dislikes cuz they are always dressed with fancy outfits and secret underwear. they get the CEOs body out of the building by the cloak wrapping himself around the CEO like being worn. the security guard is suspicious because they didnt take the ax from his face, so he gets killed to. after they bury the bodies, a cop finds them. the cloak tries to ax the cop, but he pulls out a gun. the cloak yells HOLY FREEDOMFRIES and he and robert run to a clocktower. they talk about mormons. a guy comes to the clocktower and tries to sell them shrimp. before leaving, the cloak fullfills a dream: he shoots someone from a clocktower. when they return to the office, the phone rings and the person asks if the lizard was found. robert and the cloak talk about sexy tacos in space, and people come and kill the cloak and robert.
hey i was watching the cloak last night, why was there a fire in ever scene?
oh, it spread from the cloaks office

a lot funnier than i explained
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