The combined intestinal, urinary, and reproductive organ of birds, amphibians, reptiles, marsupials, and monotremes. In other words, it's an anus, genitalia, and urethra all in one.

Just consider that for a moment. "Combined intestinal, urinary, and reproductive organ"...let that sink in...........Ewwwwwww.....
I was horrified to discover the lurid details of avian reproduction--which involves a disgusting organ called the cloaca.
by mazurkamatt November 22, 2006
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Person 1: Man i wanna fuck a bird in its pussy

Person 2: You mean its cloaca?
by clover da goblin September 12, 2020
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You are such a cloaca! Let go of my gun, you addled egg!
by Ollie the Dog December 28, 2004
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All females have this, it’s a singular hole where all fluids come out of, it is also where females store their pretty pink lipstick when it’s too heavy for their little girl arms
Person A: Hey can i borrow your lipstick?
Person B: Yes, let me just get it out of my cloaca.
by jata August 1, 2022
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When someone being a asshole but pussies out when someone starts talking shit back.
Person A: “Jessie’s a bitch”
Jessie: “and your a fucking cunt”
Person A: “woah man calm down, I was joking
Jessie: “fucking cloaca
by Life4stay August 10, 2018
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When someone is being a Pussy-ass bitch who is a fucking dumbass stupid cunt
"You being a Cloaca RN"
"What's that mean?"
"You a Pussy-ass bitch"
by The.__.Doc October 22, 2019
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When you go right from a girls vagina to her anus during sexual intercourse
"Dude I totally pulled The Cloaca on Lee's mom last night. I think she got an UTI "
by SeagullPoopIsSeman April 4, 2018
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