N. A slang term referring to the act of female masturbation, esp. to the clitoris
That chick got lonely a lot so she'd just sit at home and click the mouse.
by John "the dude" White April 22, 2004
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Term used to express when a female is masterbating
Sara was so horny last night and was all alone, so she started clicking the mouse.
by Tracy January 27, 2004
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Repetitive mundane action with no seemingly worthwhile end result or a job that is lowly, boring, thankless or done on autopilot with one's eyes closed figuratively.
Rather than respected or appreciated for their knowledge, David and Hugo were relegated to the night shift clicking the mouse for 12 hours.
by Milsekr March 29, 2022
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When a boy uses his finger in a fast clicking motion stimulating the clit, causing the women to experience great heat to the body which results in an increase in the a wet vaginal area.
Adam started clicking the mouse on Kayla.

When Adam came over, Kayla wanted him to click the mouse.

During the night Adam, clicked the mouse, with Kayla causing her to scream and moan in extacy.

Adam was clicking the mouse so quickly, that Kayla's breast nipples started to protrude and she became very wet.
by A super concerned friend March 25, 2010
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female masturbation; tuning the piano; the dreaded finger diddle; playing the clitar
As I walk in the bedroom, to my complete surprise, my girlfriend was double clicking the mouse.
by weave March 23, 2003
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When a woman goes home and lights some candles and unties her bathrobe and begins to rub her vagina like the world is about to end using her two fingers specifically to rub her clit
mary got rejected by another guy so she went home and ate her weight in cookie dough then she double clicked her mouse till she fell asleep. mary do you Double click the mouse?
by Ericss April 7, 2009
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