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the chief gang in chad, derby. Standing for Chad Lads Forever.There are subgangs such as clfy they standing for youth, and clfj the j for junior. Enemies alvo.
by chadlad January 05, 2007
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Craigslist Flake. A person you decide to meet off of Craiglist that lied about their personal information in order to arrange a meeting or has set up numerous meetings but never shows up.
Markus: I was so horny this weekend I put an ad on Craigslist.

Friend: Anything?

Markus. Nothing but CLFs all weekend. I had more flakes than a box of cereal!
by SharpieMarker May 06, 2009
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First saw this back in the 90s on an Atari ST demo. It stands for "Cheat Like Fuck".
In some hyperthetical match against better opposition say:
a: How do we beat these guys?
b: We're gonna have to CLF!
by MarzAttax July 19, 2005
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