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A newly coined term for what everything "is." Everything, every "object," is beyond any word or description it is not the thesis, is. It is not below the thesis, hypothetical. It is beyond any ones imagination, comprehension, understanding, words and/or ideas; unlimited by time, space, words and/or ideas; it is hypertherical.
" Eddy described a new system of government to stop war. The teacher told Eddy his example was hypothetical. He told her quite the contrary, it was hyperthetical; beyond any previous example or reasoning." Hyperthetical is the universal answer. Everything is hyperthetical, not meaningless, as are all other words.
by fred ressler October 12, 2006
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The discussion of theory on which there can be no conjecture; irrefutable evidence exists to prove or disprove the theory.
Hyperthetically speaking, if there was no Internet then there would be no Urban Dictionary (apart from in our hearts of course).
by Bloopian Blackwater November 18, 2013
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