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The only form of pornography with a story line, Is Anime,

In Japan it's called H-Anime, because Hentai in Japanese is Pervert.

Hentai is the only kind of pornography where it isn't change position and anything can happen. Be it giant robots with sex toys for arms raping little kids with G cups, it can happen, and is legal if you pay the premium. Imagine any fetish you'd like, you can have it. You can have lesbians who can transform into giant penises and rape aliens with boobs that rotate with disco lights, it's possible. So next time your horny, go to the store and buy hentai. It's guaranteed not to be full of minge and disgusting losers, it's guaranteed to be of high quality, artistic, and emotional. Sometimes I watch hentai for hours, and cry instead of jack it. Hentai is just the most entertaining of any entertainment in the world.
Good Hentai Series - Beat Angel Escalayer - A perverted male is having sex with one of his teachers on the roof of a building when a girl known as escalayer flies by in a suit. She convinces him to have sex with her in order to charge her doki doki dynamo so she can become escalayer and shoot laser beams. Before they had the male, her android with green hair had lesbian sex to charge it so she could defeat the group that is trying to take over the world. This group wants the doki doki dynamo for their own gain, and in order to get it, they clone the girl with it and steal it from her, they do this by making the clone transform into a male with a giant penis about 3 feet wide and 6 feet long which has sex with her and cums all over her body, in addition there is so much cum she gets it all over her body. Basically a really good series. 3 Episodes.
by Taeko Hentie April 09, 2006

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1. Caring about someone
2. Getting down down by the fire
3. Digging for oysters
4. Chewing Mints
5. Intentionally giving someone else's computer a virus
6. Telling your english teacher she's just going through her period when she gets mad at you.
1. I hope your parents are loving.
Naa, they just wanna kick my ass.
2. Let's get to the loving!
3. I'm british and I Love Loving XD
4. I'm just loving down at the Quickie Mart.
5. I'm just showing how loving I am to my family.
6. I can't believe someone as loving as me is getting suspended.
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006

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Something that defines your skill over a short term. For long term see test
Person 1 : I Can't wait for my Biology Quiz on Monday!
Person 2 : Good for you!
Person 1 : Thanks!
Person 3 : Douches.
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006

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1. N. Oral Or written exam
2. N. Test of long term skills
3. V. Seeing if something works (See testing )
4. N. A Zombie with an afro. (See Gilligan's Island )
1. Person 1 : I can't wait for my test!
Person 2 : That makes 1 nerd!
Person 3 : That was the lamest thing I've ever heard
2. Teacher : We have a test on wednesday and you all better study for it!
Person 1 : Hey look at her huge tits!
Person 2 : Why is she so pissed off recently!
Person 3 : She's just going through her period. ***Chuckle
Teacher : Do you have something to say to me? (Person 3)
Person 3 : No Ma'm, I just said you have a nice ass.
Teacher : What???!?
Person 3 : Wait that isn't what I said!
Teacher : I'm giving you a referral!
Person 3 : Yay!
3. I was just about to test my new lowrider, when a freakin' asteroid came down and busted my spinners. Damn I hate having to repair my new ride, I don't have insurance damnit.
4. Oh Snap! Look at all those Tests! We're fucked!
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006

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Junk in the trunk after a week with no soap
Oh Snap! That GURL is Rankstankin' up the whole living room. I should have kicked her out before she ate those wings, now she's gonna sleep all over my fresh, redolent bedding.
by Taeko Hentie April 07, 2006

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1. n. Someone who enjoys quizzes too much
2. n. The person in the class that Aces everything without studying
3. n. Nerd
4. n. Someone who studies so much, they fall asleep during quizzes
5. v. The act of doing a quiz extremely fast.
6. adj. Ready to take a quiz
1, OMG! Dave is so happy! I'm totally gonna bomb! I wish I could be a QuizAGoGo!
2. OMG! Dave is so gonna ace this quiz! And I studied for 2 hours. Damn QuizAGoGo!
3. Dave is so QuizAGoGo!
4. I think Claryssa is a QuizAGoGo, that sucks.
5. OMG! Look at Dave! He is so QuizAGoGo Right Now!!!
6. OMG, I'm so tired, I wish I could be QuizAGoGo like Dave. :/
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006

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A fat woman who Queefs every orgasm and cums on your cock
Person 1 : Hey I'm fucking Charlisa Tonite! :D
Person 2 : Don't She's a real QueefZilla!
Person 1 : How do you know?
Person 2 : I'm scarred for life!
by Taeko Hentie April 08, 2006

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